The Jake & Bower Show

Jake & Bower hear about what was supposed to be a "dream trip" that turned into a death-trap for 3 victims down in Mexico. How the South Korean singer PSY plays into the story and what Friends is doing 20-years after their series finale. 

Creators & Guests

Jake Weber
Jake started his love for radio at age 14. It was a risk to leave the lucrative world of shoe making in a large Fargo North Dakota warehouse, but he was ready for more! Years later he is still trying to break through that German/Norwegian radio glass ceiling. Often considered the real “talent” on the show, Jake keeps Bower hydrated daily with lots of refreshments in the studio.
Michael Bower
At a very early age, Bower realized that he is different from girls. He took that knowledge and a book of timeless Hickory Dickory Dock stories and embarked on what some would call a truly above average career for a person of his height. Often considered the real “talent” on the show, Bower has a lot of yummy mints in his pocket at all times.

What is The Jake & Bower Show?

Two guys talking everything Minnesota and trending topics from around the world.