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Meet Chanin Nuntavong, former Marine and Executive Director of Government and Veterans Affairs at The American Legion. Tune in as he shares stories of his childhood, his decision to join the Marines at age 17, and how that decision has changed his life.

Show Notes

Meet Chanin Nuntavong!

We celebrate his 20+ year career as a US Marine, working then and now to serve and protect those who protect our country.

We support his work in being a leader of an organization whose mission is to serve veterans.

We are inspired by his decision and dedication to serve our country.


Chanin is the Executive Director of Government and Veterans Affairs for The American Legion, the largest non-profit veterans service organization. He is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant with extensive background in public relations and communications.

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Dear Asian Americans, let's stay strong and stay healthy. We'll get through this together.

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What is Dear Asian Americans?

Dear Asian Americans,
Let's Celebrate. Let's Support. Let's Inspire each other.
Your Fellow Asian Americans