A Question of Code

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A dive into the mechanics of building and hosting your own blog.

Show Notes

We think that every developer should have a blog of some sort. But they shouldn't be hard to create. In this episode we dive into the mechanics of building and hosting your own blog. We run through many of the options and answer the common questions. Why use a blogging tool? What is a Content Management System, and do you really need one? What do we think of the "Off the shelf" options? Are they all garbage, or do some have their uses?

What are Static Site Generators and why are they useful? When are they not the best option? And once you've built your site, where do you put it? Find out all this and more in this week's excellent instalment of A Question of Code.

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What is A Question of Code?

A newbie coder and a seasoned veteran discuss the questions that always come up when someone begins learning to code.

Ed is looking at getting a career in programming and has been learning to code for just over a year. During this time he’s been building up a stack of questions that keep coming up from other newbie coders. Luckily, he’s got someone he can ask for help: Tom. Tom’s a seasoned coder, having worked in the industry for a few years now and has all the answers Ed needs, or does he?