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Gordon Brown's much trumpeted New Britain Report sees the light of day. The 2024 General Election is now on everyone's minds and is framing the constitutional debate. The SNP Westminster leader contest. Can Eigg be an inspiration for the Yes Movement?

Show Notes

Gordon Brown's New Britain Report promised a radical examination of the state of the UK. We see if it lives up to Labour's hype. Trust us, it doesn't.
The opinion polls and the recent Chester by election result suggest that Labour, either as a minority or majority, will form the Westminster government post the 2024 General Election. Where does this leave the SNP de facto referendum strategy, would this be enough to tempt the Scottish left back into the Labour fold, and would Labour call a snap indyref2?
Meanwhile Ian Blackford has resigned as SNP leader at Westminster. Stephen Flynn and Alison Thewliss are the two candidates vying to take over. What difference, if any, will victory for either candidate mean?
Away from the world of party politics Lesley wonders if the Yes movement can learn from, and be inspired by, the successful Eigg buy out campaign.
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