Political Coffee with Jeff Kropf

Join Jeff Kropf as he speaks on local and national news.
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Show Notes

Is this a second Golden Age of Radio? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/is-radio-in-a-second-golden-age-here-e2-80-99s-what-the-first-looked-like/ar-AAVXuax 
Electric vehicles mandates in OR as politicians limit your choices: is there enough electricity to charge them and what about the massive costs environmentally for produce batteries and recycle them? https://www.northwestobserver.com/index.php?ArticleId=2131 
Ghost gun legislation will not stop the rise in gun violence: https://www.koin.com/news/attorney-general-strives-to-crack-down-on-untraceable-ghost-guns-in-oregon/ 
Judge Vance Day runs for OR Appeals court despite controversies: https://www.wweek.com/news/courts/2022/04/07/following-3-year-suspension-vance-day-seeks-a-second-act-on-the-oregon-court-of-appeals/ 
Kudos for TX Gov Abbott for his plan to send illegal aliens crossing his state‚Äôs border and apprehended by State officials by chartered buses to DC! https://www.westernjournal.com/texas-gov-greg-abbott-announces-plan-charter-buses-illegal-aliens-washington-dc/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=minutemennews&utm_campaign=dailyam&utm_content=libertyalliance&ats_es=d234994041cf9efc783f7786c831922e 

What is Political Coffee with Jeff Kropf?

A Long-time radio host with his own show as well as backing up as host for nationally syndicated broadcasts, Jeff is a fifth generation Oregon farmer, aviator, professional musician, former State Legislator, lobbyist, real estate developer, small business owner, firefighter, and served as an embedded broadcaster with Oregon National Guard in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Jeff is a former Oregon State Representative and fifth generation Oregon farmer from Sublimity, Oregon. Kropf served as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee for two legislative sessions and served two sessions on the Transportation and Ways and Means subcommittees.

He also leads the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity.