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This week, Tom examines why people who otherwise use audio-first apps might also use YouTube for podcasts, and how podcasters can adapt to that information. PLUS: the latest Share of Ear data, and some exciting Infinite Dial news!

Show Notes

Thanks for listening! A few links from this week:

Spotify's announcement: https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/27/spotify-says-u-s-podcast-listeners-now-use-its-service-more-than-apple-podcasts/

A Vice article about the "battle" between Pandora and Spotify: https://www.vice.com/en/article/dy8q8a/how-pandora-won-its-royalty-battle-but-lost-the-war-to-spotify

Pacific Content's 2022 Predictions article: https://blog.pacific-content.com/in-the-year-2022-320f4c175f6f

Infinite Dial Live at Podcast Movement Evolutions: https://podcastmovement.com/podmov/pm-evolutions-to-host-infinite-2022-los-angeles/

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What is I Hear Things?

A weekly perspective on the business of audio, including podcasting, smart audio, streaming music, social audio, and everything else you stick in your earballs. Hosted by 20+ year audio veteran Tom Webster, SVP of Edison Research.