Small, Big Wins

Jigyasa, 29, is a Teach for India fellow and the Founder & CEO of Slam Out Loud, whose work has impacted 50,000 under privileged children by helping them find artistic expression by unravelling their inner voice and helping them find creative confidence. In English, her name would mean curiosity but in Hindi, her name conveys a deep internal yearning to demystify, which she is attempting her best to. Jigyasa actually starts this podcast by interviewing me but more importantly this podcast was very therapeutic for me for the way it flowed. I ended up speaking a lot more in the podcast than a host would do. I have done the least amount of edits to leave it as close to the flow it was in the original conversation. I also identify with the conversation because I have seen my elder sister suppressing her artistic expressions well into her adult life. I hope as a society, we will do all what it takes to not let this happen, at least with those around us.

Show Notes

What is Small, Big Wins?

Small Big Wins started in middle of 2020. The primary objective has been to talk to people who are not so famous or known but have done exceptional work. Most of these conversations are with people who have done some real solid social good, while also holding up their selflessness. Their wins in their own words. You be the judge, whether Small or Big.

Coming to my latest conversations with Swami Atmananda Saraswati ji, I would first share in a few words my own journey of searching the higher. This started somewhere in 2012, from reading, listening to Osho, then spending months at Isha Foundation Ashram doing everything in the book there, listening to some globally “famous” masters, I ended up at home. Home meaning our own timeless Indian scriptures – Bhagwad Gita, RamCharit Manas, Upanishads, which reveal that, where only a few blessed revel. I learnt about Adi Shankaracharya and his contribution to Sanatan Dharma. Hearing discourses from different masters, once I came across a discourse on “Atma Bodha” by Swami Atmanada Saraswati. When I tried to google him, I could not find anything. Somehow deep down the searches, I found some co-ordinates to reach him. This resulted in increased interactions and my knowledge seeking got a definite direction. If at all, these conversations would be valuable and known, it would be for Swami Atmananda Saraswati.
It is my great fortune to bring “Who is My Charioteer” to the audiences. For someone Small like me this is a Big win! The Part 1 of this series is titled “Fundamental Understanding about Life”. You will find these conversations starting Episode 59. Just search for “Who is My Charioteer” in the title.