The Awesome Gnome Letter

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Show Notes

I was talking with my friend Vel during a recent stream. They were looking at my FB videos and stumbled upon this one from 3 years ago where I wished people a Merry Christmas. They were taken aback when they heard it. I am most definitely in that video, wearing a Gryffindor scarf, but the voice wasn’t me. I tried to imitate that voice, but I couldn’t achieve the same effect. The difference in that video is I was trying to impress.

I realized that three years ago, I was scared when being recorded. I had to impress. So I changed my voice to be unnatural. I have a unique sound, and it’s not like anyone else. Shrill at times, while deep at other moments. I have relaxed in 3 years, to the point that I can just be me: the real authentic Frazley—or Jonathan Bloom as people know me in the United States.

This week, are you showing the real you? Or are you changing yourself to try to impress someone? Being ourselves means being vulnerable, but it also means it is your authentic self. Not some strange deep-voiced radio impersonator like I was in that video.

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What is The Awesome Gnome Letter?

Each letter delivers an inspirational message on something that was meaningful to me this week.