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This week on Outside The Valley we have Tammy Bjelland, CEO and Founder of Workplaceless, a company that helps remote professionals, managers, and organizations to thrive in a remote setting.

Tammy shares about how she got into advocating for remote work, what fascinates her the most about remote work, and why she thinks remote work can improve the education sector.

We also talked about the specifics of how Workplaceless helps companies transform into remote-friendly organizations, and whether it’s possible to “hire for potential” in a remote organization.

We’re taking an end-of-year hiatus after this episode and will be back next year with more cool discussions with other remote leaders! Until then, see you and have a great holiday season!

Show Notes

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • 04:12 — How Tammy realized that working in an office is not really for her
  • 07:00 — What fascinates Tammy the most about remote work
  • 08:27 — How remote work can improve the education sector
  • 13:30 — How Workplaceless started
  • 16:46 — Why companies and managers need training to successfully become “remote”
  • 21:51 — Why creating a career map is important for remote companies
  • 24:54 — The #1 fear of companies who are trying to go remote
  • 30:24 — The three pillars framework you can start with when proposing a remote initiative to your boss
  • 32:37 — Is it possible to hire for potential?

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