Seattle Real Estate Investing & Real Estate Financial Planning™ Podcast

Compare buying 20% down rentals to buying rentals all cash. In both cases, buy an owner-occupant with 5% down first.

Show Notes

There are a large number of investing strategies you could pursue as a real estate investor: Nomad™, house hacking, fix and flip, buying 20% down rentals, buying 25% down rentals, saving up to buy free and clear rentals and many, many more options.

  • Which is the best?
  • Which gets you to financial independence fastest?
  • Which gives you the highest net worth?
  • Which gives you the highest standard of living in retirement?
  • Which has the lowest amount of risk?
  • Which should you pursue and implement?

These are some difficult questions.

But, in this mini-class James will compare saving up to buy 20% down rental properties to saving up even longer to buy free and clear rental properties. In both cases, the investor will first buy an owner-occupant property with 5% down to live in instead of renting themselves.

We’ll look at how each strategy performs in over 300 US cities and you’ll get answers to many of the questions we posed above comparing these two strategies.

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