Agency Breakthrough

In this episode, Kuba chats with Tiffany Sauder, CEO of Element Three, keynote speaker, and creator of the Scared Confident podcast, about her breakthroughs related to rebuilding her agency, leadership approach, and personal life.

Tiffany shares insights on admitting business problems openly, making difficult but necessary decisions, implementing operating systems for consistency, and communicating organizational change.

Problems this episode will help you solve:

✅ How to have open and vulnerable conversations about business problems
✅ Making unpopular but necessary decisions as a leader
✅ Implementing operating systems and processes for discipline and consistency
✅ Improving communication around organizational change

Some highlights:

⚖️ Admitting business problems openly is scary but also freeing - it brings control and a chance to solve them
⚖️ Change starts with vulnerability about the real situation, then clear decisions, then diligent change management
⚖️ Picking one operating system/structure and fully committing is better than trying to customize everything
⚖️ Layoffs are painful but sometimes necessary - be transparent about reasons and allow people to emotionally process
⚖️ The "Understand, Agree, Like" framework helps people intellectually process difficult changes
⚖️ Open book financials are scary but crucial for creating trust and transparency

This episode will be perfect for agency owners and entrepreneurs facing issues with talent retention, profitability, or scaling up their business.

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Tiffany’s website and podcast:
Tiffany’s agency, Element Three:

🛠 Tools:
Hatch light system for kids' sleep schedules!

📚 Books/Concepts/Frameworks:
Great by Choice by Jim Collins
The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack
Open book financials
EOS (Tiffany was the opening keynote speaker for the 2023 EOS Conference, check out her awesome speech:

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