Out of Our Minds

Why is Jordan Peterson a wuss? Because he doesn't have the humility to have faith in Jesus Christ.

Show Notes

Today’s conversation is all about how you can be right with God. This is a topic that I chose because I think it’s so important. I see the whole red pill movement and Jordan Peterson and all that stuff as our culture waking up to our need for law. And compared to the insanity of critical theory and transgender ideology and all that rot, Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life sounds wonderful. Sane!

But as pastor Max points out in the conversation, the law that Jordan Peterson or anyone else teaches cannot save you. Scripture teaches that we are saved by faith, and so we get in to what it means to have faith.

In today's episode, we reference a book by James Buchanan titled, The Doctrine of Justification. We are slowly working to make that book available online for free as part of our line of Warhorn Classics, but it still needs a lot of work. Feel free to check it out here.
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