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On today's 141st episode of The Thriller Zone, we welcome Brian Freeman, author of The Bourne Defiance, the latest in the Robert Ludlum award-winning Jason Bourne Series.

This is Brian's return to The TZ, and as always, we have a blast. Brian is upbeat, engaging and very personal. He's also one helluva thriller writer.

In fact, this could be my favorite Freeman/Bourne thriller yet, as I say when I tell Brian, "Fast action, complex storylines, and memorable characters; everything you hope for in a Jason Bourne thriller."

Listen as Brian and I discuss the world of thrillers, whether they are psychological, military, or action thrillers. Plus, we'll cover the entire "Freeman Universe" that includes these series: Jason Bourne, Frost Eastman, Jonathan Stride, and Cab Bolton.

This doesn't even include his outstanding stand-alone novels that audiences have enjoyed in 46 countries and in 23 languages.

Lastly, Brian and I joke that his "best piece of writing advice" is exactly the same as it was when he visited The Thriller Zone in 2022, nearly a year to the week.

One Note: As you see, I'm not in the studio where I ordinarily broadcast, but that's because we are in the middle of a major move: our home and our studios are moving a few towns south of us, and closer to San Diego proper.

One thing remains the same: The Thriller Zone has a FULL SUMMER of the Best Thriller Writers In The World!

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Stay tuned, as we promise to introduce you to our New Thriller Zone Studios in the coming weeks!

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