The Art Of Hospitality

In this episode, we interview Steve Milo and Miriam Ramsey from Vtrips. They share their (always) honest takes on where we're heading, VRMA, how Vtrips is doing, ethics of our industry and a lot more. 

Editor's note: we had some minor audio issues with Miriam's file, but it doesn't take away from the great information shared. 


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What is The Art Of Hospitality?

Welcome to "The Art of Hospitality," where the Operator meets the Philosopher to unravel the intricate tapestry of the vacation rental industry.

Led by Conrad O'Connell, the Digital Strategist who turns clicks into bookings, and hosted by Scott Fasano, the "Operator," and Adam Norko, the "Philosopher," our podcast presents a trinity of perspectives that uniquely positions us at the intersection of practical operations, philosophical depth, and digital innovation.

We tackle the gamut—marketing strategies, guest relations, property management, and internal operations—all while keeping an eye on the ever-changing landscape of our industry. This isn't just about running a vacation rental management business; it's about mastering the Art of Hospitality, where operational precision and thought leadership intersect to create extraordinary experiences.

So, if you're keen on listening to discussions that marry tactical excellence with intellectual depth, all underpinned by game-changing digital strategies, you're in the right place. Join us as we redefine what it means to excel in the vacation rental industry.