Design the Sale

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In the design world, when we don’t understand something, we talk to people, we observe their behaviors, and we create prototypes to test their reactions. What if we could bring the same approach to designing a sales process? What if we could use design thinking to discover the ways customers want to buy — and build our sales processes around them?

In this show, we’ll learn from leaders who are at the forefront of this new way of thinking, and see what ideas we can steal from the worlds of technology, user experience, and product management. Ideas like research, testing, prototyping, iteration, and data-driven optimization.

Welcome to Design the Sale.

What is Design the Sale?

Success in complex B2B sales isn't an accident — it's by design. In this show, you'll hear from leaders in sales, marketing, design, and technology about the latest tools, methods, and ideas behind winning sales processes.