System Speak: Dissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality Disorder ), Complex Trauma , and Dissociation

Dr. E interviews Warwick Middleton, past president of ISSTD and published researcher on trauma, dissociation, ritual abuse, and abuse ongoing into adulthood. He shares how he got into the field of studying trauma and dissociation, including his research into documenting verified cases of extreme and ongoing abuse. He shares case studies and different examples of different types of abuse. Due to the nature of the research and it’s content, a serious trigger warning is given for this episode. Different types of abuse are described, as are different types of confinement. Different weapons are mentioned. Examples of ritual abuse are given, including abuse in church settings, Satanic ritual abuse, and other types of abuse in organized settings. The “me too” movement is referenced in response to the False Memory Syndrome backlash of the 90’s, as well as discussing other types of cover-ups in effort to silence victims. In closing, Professor Middleton shares a poem song he wrote about the loss of innocence, which is very moving but also highly triggering. Please care well for your system while listening and after listening to this episode.

Show Notes

Trigger Warning:  Content on this website and in the podcasts is assumed to be trauma and/or dissociative related due to the nature of what is being shared here in general.  Content descriptors are generally given in each episode.  Please use appropriate self-care and your own safety plan while exploring this website and during your listening experience.  Natural pauses due to dissociation have not been edited out of the podcast, and have been left for authenticity.  While some professional material may be referenced for educational purposes, Emma and her system (and their guest speakers) are not your therapist nor offering professional advice.  Any informational material shared or referenced is simply part of our own learning process, and not guaranteed to be the latest research or best method for you.  Please contact your therapist or nearest emergency room in case of any emergency.  This website does not provide any medical, mental health, or social support services.
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What is System Speak: Dissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality Disorder ), Complex Trauma , and Dissociation?

Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder at age 36, Emma and her system share what they learn along the way about DID, dissociation, trauma, and mental health. Educational, supportive, inclusive, and inspiring, System Speak documents her healing journey through the best and worst of life in recovery through insights, conversations, and collaborations.