Finneran's Wake - For Kids!

"Dangerous is your choice! You seek a privilege that ill suits your growing years and strength so boyish still. Mortal your lot--not mortal your desire; this, to which even the gods may not aspire, in ignorance you claim!"

This story, in which many useful lessons abound, features a reckless, arrogant, boastful boy whose high-placed father promised him too much. It’s the story of a son whose reach exceeded his grasp, and of a father whose promise, once made, couldn’t be undone. Did you ever wonder by what mechanism the sun is propelled across the sky? Or why some places on Earth are cold, and others are hot? Or why some people have dark, and others fair skin? By the marvelous story of Phaëthon, all these questions, and more, will be answered.

What is Finneran's Wake - For Kids! ?

Wondrous tales of heroes and myths for your child’s enlightenment (and your entertainment!) Gather your little ones, ready your minds, and join me, as we embark together (all of us!—parents included!) on fantastic adventures in distant lands. Here, on Finneran’s Wake, you’ll find THE greatest stories ever told, the stories passed down from one generation to the next since the dawn of time, by which our great culture has been raised, and your child will be too.