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Former Supreme Court Clerk addresses Criminal Justice Reform

In a remarkable journey from accounting to advocacy, Matt Martens has defied the traditional narrative. Initially anticipating a career in law, Martens never envisioned becoming an author, let alone one recognized with awards. His accounting degree, initially viewed as a safeguard for legal success, unexpectedly became an asset. This expertise empowered him to adeptly cross-examine accounting experts, turning potential setbacks into triumphs for his clients. 

Completing his Juris Doctorate at the University of North Carolina marked the inception of Martens' legal journey. A pivotal clerkship under former Chief Justice William Rehnquist of the United States Supreme Court set the stage for his impactful career. As he thrived in the legal realm, encouragement from friends and biblical leaders led Martens to explore his insights into the criminal justice system, a subject he intimately understood from his experiences in D.C. courtrooms. 

The result was Reforming Criminal Justice: A Christian Perspective, a book that not only reflected Martens' intellectual depth but also earned accolades. Recognized as the top book in the "first-time" author category by The Gospel Coalition, it underscored the relevance of Martens' Christian perspective on criminal justice. 

Today, Martens travels the country, engaging with students from diverse educational backgrounds. From renowned institutions like Harvard and the University of Michigan to Cedarville University, he shares his experiences, speaking to those intrigued by history, politics, and criminal justice.  

Matt Martens' journey exemplifies the transformative power of unexpected paths and God’s profound impact on one individual who is helping reshape conversations in justice and the law. 


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