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Joining us is Paul Nicholson who just wrapped up 20+ years with Showtime Networks, a prominent American premium television network known for its wide array of original programming, movies, documentaries, and sports.

This episode dives  into Paul's approach to implementing change to reduce friction in creative workflows. Learn about his  'Product Release' strategy for change, when and how to gather team input, the science and art (or is that experience based instinct) for how to  prioritize changes, how and why to sell change up the org chart, packaging change into mini releases, and measuring progress and impact along the way. All that and more.

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06:36 Purpose of creative operations?
07:57 How does removing friction help?
09:36 Your change management definition and approach?
12:27 Distinguishing innovation and change?
13:48 Differentiating between incremental change and innovation?
15:00 Facilitating 'what's next?' discussions?
17:06 Approach to listening for friction?
18:36 Process for big changes?
21:45 Selling changes to executives?
23:33 Deciding when to make changes?
27:00 Involving people in design process?
28:57 Design process before executive pitch?
34:48 Balancing priorities from feedback?
39:09 Rollout process for changes?
42:36 Measuring change implementation success?
47:51 Using metrics in change management?
53:06 Thoughts on AI and change management?

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