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A look at the events of 2020 to date: assassinations, impeachment proceedings, the latest on the Democratic Party primary process, the US-China partial trade deal, and the NZUS Council's upcoming DC trip

Show Notes

In this episode, Friday Download host - Jordan Small (NZUS Council Executive Director) - is joined by Leon Grice (NZUS Council Chair) and John Harbord (Partner - Senate SHJ) for a look at the big events of the last few weeks: 

  • Escalating US-Iran tensions following the US assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and retaillatory actions taken by Iran. 
  • Articles of Impeachment now moving to the Senate. 
  • Latest polling in Democratic primaries. 
  • Agreement reached on a partial US-China trade deal. 

We also look at the Council’s upcoming DC travel - what’s the point of the trip, what do we hope to achieve, and what are we looking forward to? 

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Links to clips used during the podcast:  

  • President Jimmy Carter talking to CNBCs Tania Bryer back in 2014  about his time in office and his response to the ‘Iran hostage Crisis’ in 1979, the impact on his re-election,  how he could have played the strongman card and “wiped Iran off the map…”
  • The characters of the ever popular and long running cartoon - The Simpsons - titled The Simpsons Travel To Washington DC…

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About the NZUS Council

Established in 2001, we are a non-partisan, non-government organisation focused on advancing New Zealand’s interests in a strong bilateral relationship with the US.

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