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The DPP 2024 Predictions report published in February 2024 reveals an industry striving to achieve a position of complete technical, commercial and business flexibility — able to respond to whatever challenges might come next for media, entertainment, technology and broadcasting organisations. And that viewpoint isn’t dreamt up by the DPP themselves, but developed by 30 expert practitioners who debate, vote on and co-create statements about the state of the industry.

But is it actually delusional to aspire to reach such a position of infinite flexibility? Zixi CEO Gordon Brooks and Warner Bros. Discover Sports Technology Lead, Darren Long, came on the DPP podcast to explore industry trends, investigate why there are fewer predictions about specific technologies taking off in media, discuss the impact artificial intelligence will have on our work, and share what there is to be most excited by in the sector.

Show Notes

DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough speaks with:

Gordon Brooks — Zixi, CEO [2min 12sec]
Darren Long — Warner Bros. Discovery, Sports Technology Integration Project Lead [21min 00sec]

The DPP 2024 Predictions report is available here.

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