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Hosts Thomas Nystrom and Andrew Johnson proudly bring to you a new episode offering a stern message of calm and patience after social media uproar over the start to the Boston Bruins season. Also, the Short Shift boys offer insight from behind enemy lines as they welcome their first guest, Mark Giannone of the Gettin' Bullied Podcast covering the Philadelphia Flyers. Mark gives us some tips on what to look for, upcoming prospects, and a unique perspective on the rivalry.

What is The Short Shift Podcast?

A weekly podcast covering the vast scope of the Boston Bruins hockey world. From prospects to the big show, the Short Shift Podcast aims to bring you a balance of educated analysis & opinions befitting of the most rabid, and sometimes overly critical fanbase in the NHL. The program often features an exploration into the fandoms of upcoming opponents for the full spectrum of how the Bruins are viewed around the league. The SS is where veracity and fanaticism smash. Cynically acclaimed. Incredibly online. Chirp us on twitter @shortshiftpod. Proud part of the BNG Podcast Network.
Host/Owner: Thomas Nyström - / @nahstrom