ADTENTION! The American Advertising Federation Tenth District Podcast

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This isn't just about the accolades, it's about making your club better because of the things you do and the things you stand for. Think of The Ovation Awards as a "roadmap" on how to be the best club you can be. So, what are you waiting for?

Show Notes

Two decades as a volunteer, and now as Executive VP, Club Services, Membership and Programs, AAF.  Dawn Reeves understands the value of AAF and the important support that AAF provides for each and every club.  Seriously, if you haven't viewed the Ovation Awards scoring guide, you need to take some time to dig into it.  It really is a "how-to" guide on how to be successful in your club.  Listen, then go and put it into action.  By doing so, you're already a winner.

What is ADTENTION! The American Advertising Federation Tenth District Podcast?

Welcome to ADTENTION!, a Podcast from the American Advertising Federation Tenth District. We have conversations with the people in our industry who make Advertising and Marketing impactful and relevant. Our stories take you behind the scenes on a variety of advertising platforms, where we explore current trends and topics. AAF Tenth District promotes professional development and networking, recognizes advertising excellence, provides news and resources, helps develop future industry leaders, and promotes the value of ethical and transparent advertising. Find out more at today.