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This week on the show, we have Liam Martin, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Time Doctor and He is also the co-organizer of the Running Remote conference, the biggest conference on distributed teams and remote work.
Liam shares his insights on growing into an “executive” role by “letting the entrepreneur inside you die,” how to help other people work with you, and the literal million-dollar mistakes that Liam and his co-founder Rob made when running their company.

We also talk about why he started the Running Remote conference, the unspoken truths about running a large scale event, and what’s in store for next year’s conference in Austin, Texas.

If you want to learn from the best of remote leaders, you can buy early bird tickets for next year’s Running Remote Conference here:

Show Notes

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • 04:10 — How Liam realized that overworking and hustle culture is dangerous
  • 09:00 — The main difference between “entrepreneur” and “executive”
  • 14:15 — The top two things that Liam needed to re-teach himself to be a better remote executive
  • 24:14 — The million-dollar mistakes that Liam and his co-founder made
  • 30:17 — Why it is crucial to extract the “sacred knowledge” of your key team members and document it
  • 37:14 — How Liam created a document to help his direct reports work with him more effectively
  • 41:39 — The most surprising feedback Liam received from his direct reports
  • 44:45 — Why Liam and the team started Running Remote
  • 48:37 — The unspoken difficulties about running a conference

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