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JJ Walsh and everyone else in Hiroshima gets a free PCR test! Here's hoping this saliva-filled undertaking amounts to more than just spitting into the wind.

Show Notes

Sustainable travel consultant JJ Walsh (and everyone else in Hiroshima) gets a free PCR test! Here's hoping this saliva-filled undertaking amounts to more than just spitting into the wind.

Ollie recommends our first ever Fukushima based river cruise, with some pretty interesting side effects.

Bobby recommends a Ramadan cruise that should make things WAYYYYY easier for all of our practicing Muslim listeners.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:
  • What Ollie did to pay his respects for Prince Philip's Passing
  • JJ's super prolific content production schedule, and how she manages time differences
  • Ollie finally getting kicked out of Malaysia
  • What happened with Malaysia's pandemic visa overstay amnesty program
  • How EVERYONE on the show is undergoing testing
  • Pro's and cons of PCR tests types
  • Quarantine Food
  • What JJ misses about not being able to travel
  • New JBRC Merch
  • JBRC reporting from @ahnpankaahnman and @kumayama100 on Hideki Matsuyama's Masters Win
  • Hiroshima's prefecture wide TEST EVERYBODY plan, and JJ's experience with it
  • Why Hiroshima is doing this... now?
  • How every little ailment these days makes us wonder whether or not we've got the virus.
  • JJ's Covid Article series, and how it might actually be more effective than Japan's messaging
  • What stands to be gained from the testing initiative.
  • How Hiroshima citizens are responding
  • What the PCR test actually measures, and how it actually works from (SURPRISE SURPRISE) one of us who got infected
  • The trend for people all across Japan to want to buy homes or make their homes as comfortable as possible
  • JJ's own experience and the people she's talked to about reforming homes
  • Property buying and second-hand home buying culture (or lack thereof) in Japan
  • Opportunities to pick up a super cheap house
  • The negative effect of corona-related mortgage defaulting on the property buying
  • Corona-discrimination against people who want to take out a home alone
  • The legality of the above?
  • Why Bobby can't get his unemployment insurance AND a home loan

Topics discussed on the extras range from:

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What is Japan By River Cruise?

Stand-up comedians Bobby Judo and Ollie Horn purport to report on the Japanese river cruise industry each week.