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Arts in the Community: Daniel Grier, founder of Splashed by DKG, discusses how fashion gave him a voice to create change in the community.Throughout history, activists, organizers and protesters have used clothing to give visual currency to different sociopolitical movements around the world. Some wear uniforms and some dress to express their individuality. activists of the civil rights movement to the more recent Black Lives Matter protestor, fashion has always been a way to express oneself about a cause. Arts in Community is a special section of In Community and Company investigating how art builds community.

Show Notes

Daniel Grier is the founder of Splashed by DKG.

What is In Community & Company?

A podcast program presenting inspiring conversations about how communities galvanize. Galvanize means "shock or excite (a community) into taking action". How does a community spark into action? Produced by the Community Engagement Program at Point Park University. This podcast examines the challenges of communities and how they come together, fall apart and galvanize. The program is co-produced and hosted by Eric Sloss PhD student at Point Park University, Executive Producer, Dr. Heather Starr-Fiedler, Studio Coordinator, Nick Ruffalo, and recorded in the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University in front of a live studio audience. For tickets to watch a taping of IC&C email