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It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend as Adam, Brian and Eric celebrate the end of the first full week of the NHL season. We talk Sabres, league expectations, get a little nostalgic all while getting into some cellared beers from Founders as well as offerings from Threes Brewing and Community Beer Works.

Show Notes

Adam, Brian and Eric celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving by talking about the start of the NHL season. We get into the Sabres hot start, expectations for them and other teams and get a little nostalgic in the process.

Article mentioned in the episode: On That Green Bottle Tip

Beers on this episode:

Threes Brewing - Wandering Bine Saison
Founders Brewing Company - CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout) (2017)
Founders Brewing Company - KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) (2018)
Community Beer Works - Singularity (Citra) IPA

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