Underestimated: Stories for Women

Courtney is a leader in SAAS Sales in Austin Texas and is the Co-Founder of a woman led organization called SAASSY WOMEN IN SALES.
An organization dedicated to helping women in tech sales find mentors and network with like minded individuals.

Show Notes

Courtney Zimmerman

My passion in life is helping others by using my career and personal endeavors I am involved in.

I started my sales career in 2014 doing B2C sales for Colonial Penn and was moved to management due to the feedback from my clients on educating them of the importance of insurance, what different policies cover and help make the best financial decisions to cover the unexpected costs that could happen that the stakeholders saw as important value to coach to my team.

I moved into Tech Sales with SaaS products in 2016 doing B2B sales for multiple start-ups. In 2019 I started my career at Google Cloud selling the full spectrum from the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings we have.

Why sales and why technology? Sales can give you the chance to help or empower your clients if you are consultative and have a mindset of servitude. Technology can provide a solution invented to solve real life problems to make others life easier, give back time, save money, empower their passions. I want to make an impact and help others by giving them the tools and ideas necessary to live a better life, so working in technology sales was a "no-brainer" decision for the direction in my career.

In my personal life I am a mental health advocate, dog mom of 11 years to my American Eskimo Ellie, an Aunt and cheerleader to Mason and Emma, a little sister and big sister of 5 siblings, outdoor adventurist, theater nerd, comedian, stormchaser, and a writer.

I believe in the power of networking, collaborating, and sharing ideas on any spectrum. Feel free to connect and let's solve some problems!


What is Underestimated: Stories for Women?

A podcast highlighting empowering stories about women being underestimated and how they rose above to establish their worth. Listen to real stories from real women dealing with everyday hurdles and discussing what they learned.