The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast

Dan talks about his experience being a self-employed programmer since the 1990s. He reflects on what has changed, what has remained the same, and how you should think about establishing yourself as an entrepreneurial coder. Dan provides some advice on how to approach consulting and teaching as a developer.

Show Notes

Dan founded Wahlin Consulting which provides training and architecture services on front-end and back-end web technologies, Docker/Kubernetes, and Cloud technologies. He’s published multiple courses on and is a Docker Captain, Microsoft MVP/Regional Director, and Google GDE. Dan speaks at multiple conferences and runs the Code with Dan development newsletter.

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What is The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast?

An interview show where I talk to programmers, developers, and coders of all types who have gone into business for themselves. I find out the secrets to their success so you can make the move into an entrepreneurial pursuit yourself.