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I am delighted to have Rob Moffat, Partner at Balderton Capital on the show today. Rob has been a partner at Balderton since 2015. He focuses mainly on fintech and insurtech but he also has experience in games, marketplaces, and SaaS. We covered a lot in this discussion including - his views on the European startup landscape and where the opportunities lie, the future of NFTs, web3, gaming, and fintech trends. We also spoke about organizational design and how to think about that as you move from Series A to Series B.

Show Notes

  • [1:55] Overview of Balderton
  • [3:46] What do you think makes for a good VC? 
  • [5:32] Where are you making big bets going into 2022?
  • [6:30] Why is there a difference in the US and Europe when it comes to web3?
  • [7:52] What is your take on the NFT opportunity?
  • [13:26] Opportunities in fintech
  • [17:52] Team vs Idea - what is more important?
  • [23:36] Organizational design from Series A to Series B
  • [33:02] SaaS metrics for companies Balderton has invested in
  • [35:39] If you could start a movement to change something or further a cause, what would it be and why?

Balderton Capital
Rob Moffat (Medium)


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