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Today's episode is a little different. A few weeks ago, a Run With It listener reached out to tell us that he's actually running the exact business that one of our previous guests pitched. The idea was a live music venue streaming platform. We invited him on to find out how right (or wrong) we were in our estimations of launching a business like this.

Show Notes

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Action Steps:
  1. Investigate current revenue split for concert venues  
  2. Search for the managers/decision-makers of concerts at large venues  
  3. Contact them via a cold call, email, or LinkedIn message  
  4. Offer to run a trial event which you can help them presell a live stream of their upcoming concert  
  5. If enough fans buy in, then produce the first event (keep a production budget of under $10K)  
  6. Ask the venue to keep your equipment installed and sign them on as a partner  
  7. Find more partners and offer a subscription service to fans  
  8. You could offer a number of credits per month that could be used for various concerts  
Janne Tamminen is the co-founder of Howl Live, a cutting edge live concert streaming platform built for the music industry.

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