CBJectively Speaking

We've got a lot to cover in this one - the Blue Jackets have fired GM Jarmo Kekalainen and the rest of the front office will assume GM responsibilities heading into the deadline. We discuss how that may affect things heading into March 8. We take some time to talk about the importance of destigmatizing men's mental health awareness and talk about recent events surrounding Patrik Laine, and the future contributions from both Johnny Gaudreau and the 5th Line to Ohio Health's men's mental health programs. Finally... Columbus? Outdoor game? Is it time to talk about it?

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What is CBJectively Speaking?

Jeremy Paul and Laura Norman provide their purely subjective feelings about the roller coaster ride that is being a Columbus Blue Jackets fan, in this podcast, CBJectively Speaking (pronounced Subjectively Speaking).

These two best friends bring a unique, inclusive, and open-minded perspective to being a Columbus Blue Jackets fan and spend a lot of time laughing in the process. No matter your Blue Jackets or hockey knowledge/experience, you will find a fan home with Jeremy and Laura!

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