The Endurance Coaching Business Podcast

In this episode, we delve into the concept of simplicity in the realm of coaching, particularly in the disciplines of running, triathlon, and endurance sports. Drawing inspiration from an artist's approach to mastery, we explore how this analogy beautifully applies to the art and science of coaching.

Topics Covered:
  1. Simplicity as Mastery: How the most effective coaches adopt a minimalist approach.
  2. Avoiding Overcomplication: The risks of relying too heavily on numerous tools and metrics.
  3. Balancing Technology and Personal Touch: The importance of integrating modern tools with the human element in coaching.
  4. Streamlining Your Coaching Practice: Tips for focusing on the essentials in your coaching strategy.
  5. From Amateur to Master: Understanding the path to becoming a master coach.
  6. Coaching as an Art and Science: Emphasizing the blend of intuition and information in coaching.
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Creators & Guests

Cam Langsford @ Training Tilt
Founder of @trainingtilt Auckland, New Zealand

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