Keep IT Simple with Tech Minimalism

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If you're fighting with your files, folder and general organisation on your Mac, then this is the video for you.
It's quite easy to keep things in place, you just need to have the right system, then your worry about lost documents will be over.
Here's my personal 'system' for organising my files and folders, using my Mac and a secure cloud solution.
Hope it helps πŸ€“πŸ‘

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Episode 2 - May 7, 2019

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What is Keep IT Simple with Tech Minimalism?

Tech Minimalism is a framework I've developed that resolves the fundamental issues many business & professionals have with time but are unaware of the impact it’s having on their profits.

Time is finite. We just don’t have enough of it to do the things we love. However, we can find that time by focusing on our work without being distracted with complications from Tech.

If you're always fighting with time and constantly 'busy' then Tech Minimalism might just be able to help you.

In this podcast, I'll be going over the different ideas and methods to help you minimise distractions to help you maximise your free time.