Find Your Side Hustle

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I thought I had finally cracked this side hustle think. From "curing my own headache" I came up with a SaaS product which was a niche, within a niche, within a niche. It took about 18 months to build and I managed to land my first ever paying customer. To say I was over the moon is an understatement. However, 7 days later I shut down the website. Going from the elation to devastation in 7 days wasn't nice. In the episode I talk about the SaaS product and why I shut it down so soon after finding a paying customer.

What is Find Your Side Hustle?

So… I’ve spent over a decade working on side hustles and projects, hoping to finally find one that takes off so I can leave the constraints of the “Rat Race”, 9-5 grind. This podcast gives you the “behind the scenes” look at the sorts of things I have built over the years. Hopefully showing you the pitfalls of starting and working on a side hustle, so you can learn from my mistakes and launch your own successful side hustle (I'm still trying).