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Naiyya Saggi is the founder at BabyChakra, India's largest parenting community. Listen for amazing insights on how Indian families are interacting with tech, and how to build products that are trustworthy and safe.

Show Notes

In this episode, we chat with Naiyya Saggi. Naiyya is the founder of BabyChakra, which is India's largest parenting community. Parenting and pregnancy are deeply personal topics, and BabyChakra has been able to create a trustworthy space to help its users become better mothers and fathers.

We discuss how BabyChakra builds trust and safety into their products, uses localization and personalization to drive engagement, and creates a healthy environment for content creators. We also cover the growth story for BabyChakra: early non-scalable hacks, and the team's current goal of "ghar-ghar BabyChakra". Listen for some amazing insights on how Indian families are evolving and interacting with tech.

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