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Declan Edwards, the 'Happiness Guy,' shares his journey of self-discovery and personal growth during a trip to South America. He discusses the motivation behind the trip and the lessons he learned along the way. Declan also reflects on his near-death experience while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and how it changed his perspective on happiness. He emphasizes the importance of confronting mortality and finding fulfillment in life. Declan reevaluates his definition of success and shares his vision for the future of BU Happiness College. The conversation explores the importance of happiness and the core components of an individual's happiness. The PERMA model, which includes positive affect, engagement, relationships, meaning and purpose, and accomplishment, is discussed as a framework for understanding happiness. The conversation also emphasizes the role of community in nurturing happiness and the need for a collective approach. The ABCs of happiness, which include awareness, boundaries, compassion, and self-care, are presented as practical tools for individuals to cultivate happiness in their daily lives. In this conversation, Bailey Parnell and Declan Edwards discuss the importance of self-care, happiness in the workplace, and the pillars of a happy workforce. They explore the role of leadership in influencing wellbeing, engagement, and culture, as well as the measurement of happiness in organizations. They then engage in a thought experiment to create a society focused on maximizing happiness, discussing principles such as trust, transparency, and access to basic needs. They also touch on the role of the past in building happiness skills and the importance of prioritizing happiness as a generous act.

  • Confronting mortality can lead to a new perspective on life and a reevaluation of priorities.
  • Happiness is a multifaceted concept that includes both hedonic and eudaemonic elements.
  • Finding fulfillment and contentment is just as important as pursuing joy and excitement.
  • Success should be defined based on personal values and goals, rather than external achievements. Self-care encompasses physical, mental, and emotional/spiritual aspects and is essential for personal wellbeing.
  • The ABCs of happiness in the workplace include wellbeing, engagement, culture, leadership, and resiliency.
  • The five pillars of a happy workforce are wellbeing, engagement, culture, leadership, and resiliency.
  • Trust, transparency, and access to basic needs are crucial for creating a happy society.
  • Prioritizing happiness is not selfish but rather a generous act that benefits individuals and their communities.
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