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Chuck Ridgeway | Automation Technology Manager & Senior Customer Advocate @ Horner Automation
Horner APG, comprised of Horner Automation and Horner Lighting groups, is a U.S.-based, global leader in commercial automation and LED lighting. Through our customer-centric vision and innovative focus, we provide truly value-added solutions exceeding our customer's and partner's expectations.

William Rinear | Horner Region Manager @ Horner Automation

What applications thrive using an All in One - PLC and HMI combination?
Where are we using some of this hardware beyond the factory floor?

We'll talk about user-configurable I/O from an OEM perspective.

Join us as Chuck talks about the changes he's seen in the market and how he helps end users and OEMS thrive.
Bill will discuss how he's been putting Horner products to novel uses for the past 20+ years!

A special thank you to Horner Automation for sponsoring this Factory Hardware Reinvented theme and your continued support of Manufacturing Hub.

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