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What would you say about your life and this planet to a person from another planet? About our life in Nome, Alaska, and experience of a different life. About Inupiat Eskimos and my days as a pastor. About hunter-gatherer and agricultural societies. My most formative and profund experience of my life.

Show Notes

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1.  Anne and I lived in Nome for three and a half years.
2. I served there as a pastor at Our Saviors Lutheran church

3. The culture was a combination of native Inupiat Eskimos and people from other states

4.  One of the most formative and profound experiences of my life.

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What is Chicken Space?

Finding a space where it is least expected. Using the tool of memory reconsolidation. Seeking spiritual enlightenment. Wisdom and stories from a unicyclist, activist, father, husband, ex-pastor, healer, award-winning author, and chicken farmer.