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The Devil Within

Show Notes

- While the rest of the group is away, Zin is reunited with an old friend
- The next day, the group speaks with Galen and begins their journey towards Winterborne
- Close to dusk, they encounter Ol' Dusty and his rat-infested lodgings.  They decide to sleep outside.
- Early in the night, the group draws attention from a pair of Ankhegs.
- The next morning, they venture further west
- Upon arriving at Winterborne, they discover that there is something very wrong with the town
- The group finds Brother Felix's childhood home, and Brother Felix discovers the journal of someone very important to him.
- They also find several children lurking in the root cellar.  They seem terrified of Brother Felix.
- They make their way to the Temple of Auril, the crown jewel of this otherwise forgettable village
- Brother Felix is confronted with a life-altering decision

What is Roll for Nerd?

A podcast where noobs talk about (and play) dungeons and dragons.