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Comedians share their views about FaceApp, Snapchat filters, birthday fundraisers, LGBTQ harassment, teen idols and more.

Show Notes

How are comedians using the internet? Inappropriately of course. Join us for shocking evidence with our guests Jason Stuart and Jill-Michele Melean. We are taking their temperature on trending internet topics such as FaceApp, hospital selfies, SnapChat filters, Facebook birthday fundraisers, LGBTQ workplace harassment, teen idols and more. Plus Facebook Feedtime has front row seats for The Backstreet Boys.

What is Things I Found Online Podcast?

Premiere Radio Networks Founder Louise Palanker joins a panel of comedians to look at the ways in which we each look at the internet and the feedback loop that’s informing how we think and live. Regulars include Jamie Alcroft and Danny Mann.