GSC Friday

Trigger Warning: In this episode John and Dean talk about John's battle with addiction and his journey through recovery. Please listen if you can, but if you will be triggered to use by descriptions of drug use and their effects, please keep yourself safe.

John and Dean are sad to see one of their beloved Gay Bars, The Toasted Walnut, close due to the pandemic. It was one of the best spots in the Gayborhood for Dean, and a place of some really great memories, including a Karaoke night that John and Dean loved. We're sad to see it go, and we hope that after the pandemic has eased its grip on public spaces, something else will take its place as Lesbian bars are being hit the hardest. After that, John shares a very hard story, his story with addiction. It started almost too easily, but then grew into a life altering battle that nearly claimed his own life twice. Dean share his own experience with substance use, both in his family and for himself. This is an important story to tell, as it may help others who are struggling seek help, and maybe keep others from repeating some of the same, naive and sex-focused mistakes that John underwent. If you need help, it's always there, but asking is the hardest part.

What is GSC Friday?

Your source for hot new things in the gay world, from porn to music and beyond. Join Dean Sage and John Patrick as well as guests from time to time as we engage with Queer and mainstream culture, review music and entertainment, and talk truth about sex and love in our day to day lives. From Britney Spears to Bondage and BDSM. We have a good time and try to leave you with a smile of one kind or another.