Junior to Senior with David Guttman

Hala and David discuss how to use fear for good, how to set attainable goals, and how to communicate effectively to boost your career.

Show Notes

Talking Points: 
  • Critical Skills
  • Analyzing Fear
  • Leveling at Companies
  • Setting Goals
  • Team Collaboration
  • Situational Conversation
  • Remote Onboarding
Quotable Quotes: 
  • “Fear is not something to be taken lightly … make friends with it … evaluate it.” - HA
  • “Growth is not comfortable.” - DG
  • “Is this the right fear or is it just a fear that is holding me back from recognizing my net opportunity?” - HA
  • “Impatience, in its own way, becomes an obstacle.” - HA
  • “[ Admitting when you don’t know something ] is the sign of a more Senior Engineer.” - HA
  • “Why is an engineer looking to get promoted? What is their driver? … What does that promotion actually mean?” - HA
  • “It’s important to have goals, it helps you structure how you want to move forward and what to focus on.” - HA
  • “Your product is a reflection of your organization, and I think great organizations have great products.” - HA
  • “There is no one-size-fits-all, every situation has its own need.” - HA
  • “Junior engineers have so much opportunity in front of them.” - HA
  • “It’s a challenging time with companies being remote, to start your career as a junior engineer.” - HA
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