Regular Programming

Passing pandemics make it possible to meet developers in real life again. Elixir-Lars makes a splash, and tells about recent and coming real-life events he's enjoyed. Things learned from real-life events and the need - or not - of constant learning are mentioned.

(It's not bit rot, it's data composting!)

Finally, a deep dive into the art of arranging good events, including preparatory pre-event events.
Who wouldn't like a movie night with a bunch of developers and pizza?

Linkable matter
Title-like quotes
  • Developers in my local area
  • A splash as Elixir-Lars
  • I guess I'm visible
  • I met one developer
  • I enjoy meeting developers
  • Leads and future prosperity
  • Composting becomes very natural
  • Harness the entropy
  • It's not bit rot, it's data composting
  • The series of events that brought us here
  • A speedrun of "Well, you have options"

What is Regular Programming?

Conversations about programming. By Andreas Ekeroot and Lars Wikman, funded by