Playing for Keeps

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The supplement market is a bustling space, with players ranging from enormous corporations to smaller DTC brands. Form Nutrition has found their place by putting the mission dead center: helping customers realize the greatest version of themselves while being mindful of others.

This mission is built into every aspect of the business and it has a ton of implications for customer relationships and retention. Kristen talks with co-founder Damian Soong about everything from marketing attribution to turning customers with a bad initial impression of the product into ambassadors for the brand.

Show Notes

  • You can create authenticity or you can have it built in from day 1
  • Using lead magnets in the DTC space can be a great way to lower your CAC- you just need to tap into the genuine needs of your customers
  • Adding value rather than taking away for initial acquisition
  • "If you need to discount your products then you have the wrong products or the wrong customer."
  • Customers with a bad initial impression of the product can become ambassadors for the brand, but you'll need to craft a rock solid customer support experience
  • Using mission rather than discounting to build an email list
  • Use a shared goal or passion rather than traditional demographics to find your best-fit customer- it's all about the essence of the product (essssennnnnceeeeee) 
  • What it means to be quick thinkers that don't rush
  • Hitting profitability on the first purchase
  • How eCommerce and SaaS can learn from each other
  • How top funnel activity leads all the way down to retention

What is Playing for Keeps?

Retaining customers has never been more important for eCommerce businesses. Join Kristen LaFrance, eCommerce retention specialist and head of community at Churn Buster, as she interviews guests from the top subscription businesses to learn how the best in the DTC space are retaining customers. If you're growing a subscription based business, running a subscribe and save program on your site, or just plain interested in hearing stories from the top DTC businesses, Playing for Keeps is for you.