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Majority of regular travelers want to travel this year

Show Notes

Show Notes
Will COVID-19 Result in More Americans and Canadians Retiring to Mexico? What Our Readers Are Saying
International Travel — In a Pandemic? Are We Nuts?
Carnival Says It Plans To Resume U.S. Cruises By Midsummer
All the countries that are slowly opening back up, domestically or for tourists
Pandemic causes huge surge in US expats renouncing their citizenship

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What is Expat Rebel - Retiring and Living Overseas?

How to become an expat and retire early.

Expat Rebel is a weekly podcast for wannabe expats or long-term expats that want to explore the world, retire early and live the best possible life.

Host Christopher Sherrod talks about the latest in expat news and selectively brings on other lifestyle expats to share what's working now for them.

Get the "How To Become An Expat in 30 Days" guide at https://expatrebel.com

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