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Our first (well, 0th) podcast episode is now live. Come check it out and let us know what you think.

Show Notes

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This is the beta episode of a podcast we’re throwing together called “The Waffling Taylors Podcast”.

A couple of things that you need to know going in:
  • I forgot to bring the microphone
We ended up having to use my laptop’s built in mic for this one, as such it sounds a bit weird I’ve cleaned up the audio as well as I can, but there are a few points were Chief Problem and I talk over each other.
  • There are a few loud points
We had a few laughs making this podcast, as such we have a few laughs. Chief Problem and I were closer to the microphone than Djstump was, so you’ll hear us laughing louder than him.
  • Chief Problem
Chief Problem (or “Chief” as he became known) is a friend of ours and honorary waffler. He joined us for the beta and is willing to join us again.

Full show notes can be found here:

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What is The Waffling Taylors Podcast?

A podcast by the Waffling Taylors - who are two brothers who love video gaming and talking nonsense.