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Mark Runacus is the co-founder and Planning of Partner of Wax/On, a London based creative and media agency. Mark is also the President of PrideAM, an LGBT+ advertising network. We talk about how we can be more diverse in our marketing and advertising campaigns, while there is also a need for over-representation in these campaigns.

Show Notes

I'm joined by Mark Runacus for this episode of the Marketing Mashup podcast. Mark is the co-founder and Planning Partner of Wax/On, a new kind of hybrid creative and media agency. Previously he was one of the owners of Karmarama, the UK's leading independent creative agency. Mark is a man of many hats, alongside his creative and media agency he champions best practice in digital and data-driven marketing in his role as Non Executive Chair of the DMA (UK) Group. He is also the President of PrideAM, the world's first advertising LGBT+ network, lobbying for LGBT+ diversity in marketing and advertising.

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As Mark puts on his PrideAM hat, we talk about the need for diversity and over representation in advertising and marketing. We tackle the issues that are sometimes overlooked in our industry. Mark cites that 54% of 18-24 year old are not 100% straight from a recent study, which is why brands need to change the way that they are approaching their marketing. However, sometimes change isn't quite as easy as we make out, so we also talk about how you can champion change from within your organisation.

There are some great initiatives that Mark and PrideAM are running, from their Outvertising v2, brand makeovers and more.

Here are some of the things we spoke about in this episode:

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