The creators of two new resources for job seekers talk about helping people find meaningful work at companies that care about humans.

Show Notes

The pandemic has caused enormous job losses and forced many companies to rethink the nature of work. In this episode, two Stanford students talk about the online resource they built to help fellow students whose summer internships were canceled, and Wildbit CEO Natalie Nagele returns to Rework to discuss the launch of People-First Jobs, a job board that connects seekers with human-centered companies.

Show Notes

Akshaya Dinesh's website | LinkedIn | Twitter - 1:10

Andrew Tan's website | LinkedIn | Twitter - 1:28

Verkada - 3:36

LinkedIn post announcing the mentorship program - 5:36

Remote Students - 8:10

People-First Jobs website | Twitter - 10:17

Wildbit - 10:21

Natalie Nagele on Twitter - 10:30

COVID-19 Resources on People-First Jobs - 17:27

our recent episode about banning makers of employee surveillance technology - 18:53

Kitty Hawk - 20:20

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