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(Centralized) Freelancing platforms sure are easy and convenient to use, but in the end, they are many loopholes and problems when it comes to high fees and handling disputes. In this episode we have special guests from Croatia, Vladimir Kajic and Ivan Nanut from Cryptotask, to showcase us their decentralized platform and what blockchain can do for the freelancing world.

Show Notes

Freelancing is popular more than ever and the gig economy disrupted many enterprises, for better or for worse. Considering some of the most prominent examples, as Ivan mentioned in this episode, such as Bolt or Uber, we can even talk about different kinds of freelancers. However, the most fruitful time for the freelancing world started with the emergence of many freelance platforms such as Toptal, Fiverr, Upwork or

After short introduction recap, Luka and Ivan tackle some of the challenges the gig economy has to face. Thus, coming to the obvious problems such as high fees, the possibility to manipulate data and money, but also inability to solve client vs. freelancer disputes. And there comes the blockchain - to make it right where there is a possibility to do wrong. Whether it's lack of trust or censorship issues, blockchain's smart contracts can be an unbiased mediator between involved parties.

One great example is Cryptotask, Croatian blockchain startup which has been developing decentralized freelance market platform. With the CTO, Vladimir Kajic and Ivan Nanut we discuss the possibilities to revolutionize job market with blockchain, their centralized and decentralized competitors and the upcoming launch.

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